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What does a U.S. citizen need to buy property in Mexico?

Posted by AmorTulum on 1 de March de 2023


What does a U.S. citizen need to buy property in Mexico?


Are you looking to buy property in Mexico? This blog will show you how to do it as a foreigner, step by step. From getting the right documents to understanding Mexican laws, we’ll explain it all!

.What does a U.S. citizen need to buy property in Mexico? In this blog, you will see how to buy property in Mexico as a foreigner in 2023. You will also receive information on the property acquisition process, as well as tips on how to prepare for this crucial event in your life.

Discover the types of properties that can be purchased

In Mexico, foreigners can buy a variety of properties, from a house to a real estate development.

The most common types of properties available to foreigners are as follows:


– Houses: with a kitchen, living room, dining room, patio, some also have a swimming pool. These properties are ideal for those looking to live in a traditional lifestyle home.

– Apartments: These properties consist of one or more bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom. These properties are ideal for those looking for urban living and a modern lifestyle.

– Homes in Developments: These properties are located in real estate developments, where there are other neighbors. These properties are ideal for those who enjoy community living.

– Lots: These are lots of any size that can be used for the construction of a house or for commercial purposes. These properties are ideal for those who want to build their own home or develop a business.

Choose a property you like


Playa del Carmen, Cancun & Tulum Real Estate


How to choose a property in Mexico?

[Step-by-step instructions]

First, make sure the property you are considering fits your needs and budget. Make sure the size is adequate, with the number of rooms you need.

Second, make sure it is a safe property, with the necessary communication routes and services such as education, health, commerce, security, transportation, recreation and supply. Avoid buying in high-risk areas, at risk of natural disasters, under power lines, fuel tanks, subway pipelines, near ravines or areas at risk of flooding.

Third, depending on your nationality, make an offer or sign a letter of acceptance of the price set by the seller. This letter will contain the purchase details, such as price, method of payment and the delivery of an earnest money deposit.



The offer

If you want to buy a house in Mexico from the USA in 2023, follow these points:


1. Gather all the necessary documents to verify your identity and legal status to operate in Mexico.

2. Conduct research to establish a reasonable price for the property you wish to purchase.

3. Request a purchase offer as a written document containing the purchase details, such as price, form of payment, and the delivery of an earnest money deposit.

4. Establish a clause or condition stating that your decision is subject to a satisfactory report on an inspection to be made by an attorney.

5. Present your offer to the seller for acceptance.

6. Once the seller accepts your offer, both parties can sign a purchase and sale agreement.

7. Finally, arrive half an hour before the signing of the deed of sale with the necessary documents to identify yourself, as well as the documents required for the signing of the deed.

8. Make the payment to the seller of the agreed price.



File the taxes

How do I file taxes when I purchase property in Mexico as a foreigner in 2023?



When buying a property in Mexico as a foreigner in 2023, the seller must pay Income Tax (ISR) and declare the sale of the property. The buyer must pay the Real Estate Acquisition Tax (ISAI) and Value Added Tax (IVA). The buyer must also consider notary fees, deed expenses, notary fees, among others. 


The buyer must file a tax return for the year 2023. If the year 2023 is the transition year between non-resident and tax resident, the buyer must file two tax returns: one for the year in which it is considered a non-resident and another one for the year in which it is considered a resident. To file taxes securely, the buyer can choose between TurboTax Live Full Service or TurboTax Live Assisted. With both services, the buyer will get the maximum guaranteed refund.



Keep informed about the legal procedures necessary for the acquisition of the property.


Go to a notary to make an investigation about the legal status of the property. This will give you legal certainty that the sale and purchase can be formalized. Make sure you obtain official title deeds to the property. This is important so that banks can offer loans and so that you can be sure that the property is yours.  

Follow the observations of a real estate agent to guide you through the legal formalities. They can help you understand the documents and processes of buying a property as a foreigner.

Get into the necessary documentary spiral. This may vary depending on your nationality, but will generally include the following steps: submitting an application, gathering documentation for approval, and signing the official documents. Finally, follow these tips carefully and never fail to seek an expert opinion. This is the best way to make sure you follow the necessary legal procedures for purchasing property in Mexico as a foreigner in 2023.


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