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Turtle Nesting Season in Riviera Maya: An Amazing Encounter with Nature

Posted by AmorTulum on 6 de September de 2023

Turtle Nesting Season in Riviera Maya: An Amazing Encounter with Nature

La Semarnat decretó 17 playas de anidación de tortugas marinas como Áreas  Naturales Protegidas con la categoría de Santuarios | Comisión Nacional de  Áreas Naturales Protegidas | Gobierno | gob.mx

The Riviera Maya, with its natural beauty and marine biodiversity, becomes a magical place during turtle nesting season. This natural phenomenon, which occurs in the warm waters of the Caribbean, gives visitors the unique opportunity to witness one of nature’s most amazing spectacles. In this blog, we will explore everything you need to know to make the most of the turtle nesting season in the Riviera Maya.

What is turtle nesting season in the Riviera Maya?


Turtle nesting season in the Riviera Maya is that magical period from June to November, when sea turtles come to the Caribbean beaches to lay their eggs. In this, you will find six species of sea turtles, such as the green and loggerhead, working meticulously to dig large holes in the sand and deposit up to 200 eggs. But remember, if you are there, keep your lights off and noise to a minimum, these turtles are doing a monumental job!

Why is the Riviera Maya a turtle nesting site?

Así es el proceso de anidación de las tortugas marinas en Quintana Roo |  PorEsto

The Riviera Maya is a giant nesting ground for sea turtles, here’s why it’s a favorite place for them.

  • The Riviera Maya has a 34 km stretch of beaches along a 120 km coastline, the largest conservation program in the country, stretching from Punta Venado to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Beautiful and wide, turtles love it!
  • On these beaches, we have protection camps dedicated to the conservation of these creatures, for example in Xcacel, Xel-Ha, Kanzul, Arco Maya, Puerto Aventuras and Pez Maya. The months of June to September are the stellar season for the release of sea turtles. The hatchlings hatch and take their first breath – it’s a wonderful sight to see life begin!

So, if you want to be part of this beautiful experience, remember:

The Riviera Maya is home to Mexico’s largest Sea Turtle Conservation Program, covering 13 nesting beaches on 34 km of beach – it’s a paradise for any turtle looking to make a nest! So, the next time you find yourself in the Riviera Maya, you know why you will see so many turtles. Remember, they are a protected species and we must respect them.

Best time to visit the Riviera Maya for turtle nesting



Are you a nature and sea turtle lover? Then you should visit the Riviera Maya in Mexico, between June and November. Here we explain why this period is ideal:

  • This is the time when sea turtles come to nest.
  • The Riviera Maya is home to several species of sea turtles, including loggerhead, green, hawksbill and leatherback turtles. Each of these species has its own unique characteristics and nesting cycles.
  • The conservation effort at this time of year is impressive and you can be a part of it.

During these months, you can see turtle hatchlings emerging from their nests and heading out to sea.

Here are some tips for your visit:

  1. Don’t touch the turtles or their eggs.
  2. Be quiet and still, any noise can scare them away.
  3. Do not use artificial light on the beach at night.
  4. Collaborate by keeping the beaches clean and free of garbage.

How to respect turtle nesting during your visit.

Quintana Roo, pionero en el manejo y monitoreo de tortugas marinas en México

Tips for a Responsible Experience

When visiting the Riviera Maya during turtle nesting season, it is essential to do so responsibly and respectfully with the natural environment. Learn important tips to minimize your impact on the beaches and turtles, such as keeping your distance, not using bright lights and following the instructions of local guides.Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the turtles


If you come to the Riviera Maya during nesting season, you have a great opportunity to meet different types of turtles. Here are some ideas for you to live this experience:

  • Join a theoretical-practical training. Here you will learn about the local species and how to identify them.
  • Participate in night patrols. You could help register and mark nesting females. It is a unique experience.
  • Collaborate in the day patrols. Here you will keep a record of nests, hatching dates, hatched nests and help in cleaning them for analysis.

Remember, your participation is key to the conservation of these wonderful creatures.

Best Places to Observe Nesting

Evalúan vulnerabilidad de tortugas marinas ante múltiples amenazas

The beaches of the Riviera Maya become magical settings during turtle nesting season.Some of the best places to observe this phenomenon include Tulum, Akumal, Xpu-Ha and Punta Maroma.Each beach offers a unique experience, from night walks to observe nesting to conservation programs that allow visitors to actively participate in the protection of turtles and their nests.


Don’t forget that your goal is to help, not to disturb. So keep the lights low, the noise to a minimum, and let the professionals do most of the work.And remember, no white lights, flashes or lamps.Turtles prefer darkness.

Avoiding pet areas

During turtle nesting season in the Riviera Maya, it’s essential to protect these amazing sea creatures. Are you a visitor? Here’s how you can help:

  • Avoid nesting areas: Turtles choose specific places on the beach to lay their eggs.Resist the temptation to approach.
  • Keep your pets away: While your pets may enjoy the beach as much as you do, they can be a threat to turtle nests. During nesting season, it is best to leave your pet at home or keep them on a leash and away from nesting areas if they are on the beach.
  • Do not drive vehicles:Vehicles can damage nests, so avoid driving on the beach during this season.

Every action counts.

La Semarnat decretó 17 playas de anidación de tortugas marinas como Áreas  Naturales Protegidas con la categoría de Santuarios | Comisión Nacional de  Áreas Naturales Protegidas | Gobierno | gob.mx


You have to remember something super important, dear reader: the Riviera Maya is home to turtles, and no one likes their home dirty.During nesting season, take a bag with you to collect your garbage during your visit to the beach, this includes bottles, bags, wrappers and any other waste you may generate. Don’t leave anything behind except footprints.Ecotourism experts recommend always following the motto “leave only footprints, take only memories”.Keeping the beaches clean is crucial during this period.Your small effort can make a big difference.

Turtle Guardian Patrols

Temporada de anidación de tortugas Marinas en la Riviera Maya

Get excited about the epic adventure of turtle patrolling in the Riviera Maya. Here’s how you can be part of this journey:

  • Register your name with the Riviera Maya – Tulum Sea Turtle Conservation Program to volunteer. Don’t worry, they will train you in all the necessary aspects.
  • Prepare your backpack for nights on the beach patrolling and tagging nesting females. Turtles are nocturnal creatures so hold on, you have a mission under the moon!
  • During the day, you must continue patrolling to keep track of nests and hatching dates.
  • It will be your job to protect the nests from predators and make sure the eggs are collected and placed in safe nests.
  • You will help release the turtle hatchlings when they hatch, always at nightfall to keep them safe from predators.


Remember, every little turtle counts, let’s do it, your help is vital for the conservation of these amazing creatures!

Protección de tortugas marinas en Xcaret y la Riviera Maya

Xcaret and Aktun Uayak Coba Parks

  • When you visit the parks and beaches of the Riviera Maya, you are sure to love watching turtles nesting. To do so respectfully, be sure to keep a safe distance from the nests and mature turtles.Remember, you are in their home.
  • At Xcaret’s Interactive Aquarium, always follow the staff’s instructions.They may seem strict, but they are on a mission to protect these fascinating creatures.At Xcaret and Aktun Uayak Coba, you may have the opportunity to participate in turtle hatchling release programs. But always do so under the supervision of park staff.Finally, never leave trash on the beach or in the parks.
  • A clean environment is essential for the health and survival of turtles.

Riviera Maya turtle nesting sites.

Quintana Roo impulsa la conservación de las tortugas marinas -  SEMA-Secretaría de Ecología y Medio Ambiente


1.Chac Mool Beach

  • In Cancun’s busy Hotel Zone, you will find Chac Mool beach.Because of its location, it is easy to get to, whether you are staying in a nearby hotel or downtown..
  • Although it is famous among tourists and locals, the beauty of Chac Mool goes beyond its natural attractions and sports activities. It stands out for nature lovers as a nesting site for turtles.
  • From May to December, you can observe protected areas where turtles have laid their eggs. It is a very special spectacle, a reminder of the fundamental connection of humans with nature.
  • So if you want to enjoy water sports, sun and also appreciate wildlife, Chac Mool beach is ideal for you.

2. Playa Delfines

Pin en Viajeros


Visit Playa Delfines in the Riviera Maya and dazzle yourself with a unique experience: sea turtle nesting. Here are some of the characteristics that make this place a paradise for turtles:

  • Playa Delfines is a place of amazing sunsets and sunrises, perfect for turtles to come out of their shells.
  • Don’t forget to arrive at 8 p.m. and keep everything in darkness – turtles value their peace and quiet!
  • This beach has no restaurants nearby, so it is less crowded and quieter for the turtles.
  • Remember, keeping the beach clean is important, both for you and our turtle friends.
  • Plus, it’s right across from the El Rey Archaeological Site, an interesting change of scenery while there.

3. Playa Norte Isla Mujeres

If you’re a nature lover, Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres is the place for you! This quiet corner famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand is also famous as a turtle sanctuary. Why is it a hot spot for turtle nesting? Here we tell you:

  • Its 0.62 mi extension gives plenty of room for turtles to make their nests.
  • It is not overly crowded, providing a quiet environment ideal for turtles.
  • There are conveniently shaded areas provided by natural vegetation.
  • The gentle beach slopes are perfect for nesting.

Imagine witnessing this natural miracle of life in such an idyllic setting – simply unforgettable!

4. Cenote Xpu-Ha

Dónde y cuándo ver tortugas en Riviera Maya?


  • Cenote Xpu-Ha is located away from the tourist crowds, providing a tranquil environment ideal for turtle nesting.
  • Its pristine waters and soft beaches make it a safe place for turtles to lay their eggs.
  • The cenote has an intact natural environment, which guarantees a habitat conducive to the life and development of turtles.
  • Xpu-Ha is easily accessible, making it easy for conservationists to monitor and protect the nesting turtles.
  • The small entrance fee contributes to the maintenance and protection of the cenote, ensuring a sustainable space for the turtles.

5. Parque de Grupo Xcaret

Voluntariado con tortugas marinas en la Riviera Maya - Plan B Viajero


Parque Grupo Xcaret is one of the most prolific sea turtle nesting sites in the Riviera Maya. In this paradise, turtles find a safe haven and a favorable environment to reproduce. In addition, thanks to its Sea Turtle Conservation Program, Xcaret has earned recognition as the home of the largest sea turtle protection program in Mexico.

Now, here are some pros and cons of visiting Grupo Xcaret Park during nesting season:


  • Respect the idiosyncrasies of nesting: At Xcaret Group Park, you will find specific areas conditioned for turtle nesting. It is a truly impressive spectacle.
  • Access to conservation programs: You will be able to participate in the sea turtle conservation program and learn more about these fascinating animals.
  • Variety of proposed activities: The Xcaret Group Park offers a wide range of activities to enjoy beyond sea turtle watching.

6. Interactive Aquarium

In the fabulous Riviera Maya, Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium stands out as a sanctuary for nesting sea turtles. But what makes it so special for these shelled friends? Let’s see!

  • This aquarium is home to a great diversity of marine species, providing a stimulating and enriching environment.
  • Did you have fun with the dolphins? Well, turtles love their company too.
  • It is strategically located in Plaza la Isla, a landmark in the city.
  • Do you love ecotourism and authentic experiences? Here you can experience turtle release, a truly unforgettable activity.
  • Just 25 minutes from Cancun’s airport, it is a comfortable trip for visitors.

So now you know, if turtles are your passion, this is the place for you!

The turtle nesting season in the Riviera Maya offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature in its purest form. Witnessing sea turtles laying their eggs and witnessing the hatching of their young is an experience that leaves a lasting impression. By visiting the Riviera Maya during this season, you will not only enjoy its beautiful beaches, but you will also become part of the conservation efforts that seek to protect these wonderful species for future generations. Get ready for an unforgettable experience and connect with nature in a unique way during the turtle nesting season in the Riviera Maya!

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