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Tulum: the area’s projects for the future development of Quintana Roo

Posted by AmorTulum on 9 de October de 2023


Tulum: the area’s projects for the future development of Quintana Roo

Introduction to the growth of Tulum

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The rise of urban growth.

Tulum, a jewel in the crown of the Mexican Southeast, has experienced unprecedented urban growth in recent years. Thanks to its natural beauty and rich culture, investors have been flocking to Tulum, fueling the city’s growth and expansion.

The Riviera Maya is a region that more and more people are choosing to invest and buy property. In this sense, it is important to know not only the beaches and tourist attractions, but also the urban planning and the quality of architecture in the area. And in this context, the figure of Francisco Javier Galindo Rojas, a prominent member of the Association of Engineers and Architects of Tulum, acquires relevance. In that sense, in this blog post we want to highlight his role and commitment in the promotion of architecture and urban planning in Tulum.

Reasons and factors behind the growth.

Tulum (Quintana Roo)


This rapid progress is due to multiple factors. Above all, Tulum’s global transcendence as a tourist destination has attracted investment not only in real estate, but also in hotels and tourist services. In addition, improvements in infrastructure and the promotion of government projects have played a crucial role in the consolidation of the city’s sustained growth. However, beyond this, the work of local architects and urban planners has been a determining element in harmonizing this development with the identity and sustainability of the place..

Outstanding architectural projects in Tulum.

New developments and innovations of homes for sale in Quintana Roo.


Tulum has been the catalyst for a new wave of architectural development. Innovations that seek to merge the modern with the traditional, highlighting the innovative housing complex is the residential project “Esculturas Habitables” by AZULIK. This proposal is based on an avant-garde approach, positioning itself as an iconic residential option in the region, which integrates architecture with nature and the landscape of Tulum.

Aldea Zamá, for example, offers multi-family, mixed and commercial lots, where you can create or develop your own living space or investment model. This international avant-garde real estate project stands out for its exceptional infrastructure and its location in the epicenter of the Riviera Maya, 2 hours south of Cancun and 1 hour south of Playa del Carmen.


The options of homes for sale in Aldea Zama are diverse and adapt to all needs. You can choose from luxury apartments with access to all the amenities, villas with private pool and surrounded by lush nature, or homes for families with all the comfort and tranquility they need. You will also find land for sale so you can build your own custom home.


In addition, Aldea Zama has a commercial center, with a variety of stores and restaurants, and is just minutes away from the most beautiful beaches of Tulum. If you are looking for a property for sale in a quiet location but close to the action, Aldea Zamá is your best option.


If you are interested in investing in a property in the Riviera Maya, you can’t miss Aldea Zamá. This real estate project is a unique opportunity to have your own dream home in one of the most beautiful areas of Mexico. In addition, the real estate market in the area is very active, so your investment will be backed.

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Integration of modern design with Mayan culture.

A key aspect of Tulum’s architectural design is the conscious integration of modern design with the Maya cultural heritage. Local and foreign architects have understood the need to respect and recover the presence of the Mayan architectural style, both in its form and materials. Buildings such as the “Casa Malca” are a great example of this commitment, combining avant-garde design with local materials and traditional construction techniques. This not only creates a dialogue between past and present, but also ensures greater sustainability in construction.

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The importance of Sustainable Architecture.

Why sustainability is vital in Tulum’s growth?

Azulik: el hotel de lujo más sostenible de Tulum es el nuevo destino de  moda en México | Architectural Digest España


Sustainability is essential to ensure the future of Tulum. Not only in environmental terms, but also in economic and social terms. Tulum’s ecology is unique, with mangrove systems, jungles and cenotes that are fragile but essential to local life. This biodiversity is a treasure to be protected. It also plays a crucial role in the local economy, fueling tourism and other industries.

Therefore, development that does not respect these features not only damages the environment, but can also have long-term economic consequences. Similarly, sustainable architectural structures are instrumental in ensuring that Tulum’s growth is inclusive, benefiting its inhabitants rather than marginalizing them. Sustainability should serve as a compass to guide the city’s growth, ensuring a prosperous future for all.

Francisco Javier Galindo Rojas, with more than 30 years of experience, points out that the Association of Engineers and Architects of Tulum was founded in parallel with the municipalization of Tulum. The guild has actively participated in the creation of municipal planning programs.


“We have made an effort to attend all presentations and events related to urban development and planning. We want this growth to be well organized. Unfortunately, rapid development is gaining ground, but we believe that with dedication and hard work, we can achieve orderly growth,” he emphasizes.


He points out that architecture has always played a crucial role in society. The college is actively promoting architectural education, both in private and public institutions, to ensure that the profession maintains the required standards.


In addition, he mentions that the new Universidad Tecnológica de Tulum is contributing to the influence of architecture in education in the region. “Tulum is increasingly becoming a tourism-oriented place, but our goal is for architectural education to be integrated into the university curriculum, promoting ecological awareness, which is fundamental,” he explains.



Regarding the common idea that classrooms for this profession are overcrowded, he comments that this phenomenon was also observed in his time. However, due to the challenging nature of the field, many students gradually gravitate towards other disciplines, leading to a lower graduation rate.


In this regard, Francisco Javier Galindo Rojas stresses that the quality of education is fundamental to the promotion of quality architecture and urban planning. “Our responsibility as a college is to ensure that the professionals coming out of our institutions are well trained and committed to the welfare of society,” he stresses.

Examples of sustainable construction in Tulum.

Llega Green School a Tulum, la escuela que desafía los límites de la  enseñanza tradicional


In Tulum, we can already find several examples of constructions that follow sustainability principles. The “Green School Tulum” stands out, an innovative concept that fuses commitment to the environment and education, since its infrastructure is designed under bio-construction principles and a philosophy that promotes the care of nature.

Another magnificent example of sustainable architecture in Tulum is the “Hotel Bardo”. This boutique hotel strives to be completely self-sufficient. It uses solar cells for its energy supply and houses integrated systems for waste management and water recycling. Its strategy is to offer a luxury experience without compromising the protection of Tulum’s natural environment.

These examples represent a growing trend in Tulum’s architecture, ensuring that the city is able to grow in a way that preserves its natural resources for future generations.

Green School Tulum: educación como herramienta para una mejor calidad de  vida


Implicaciones futuras del desarrollo arquitectónico de Tulum.

Benefits of architectural growth for the local population.

Tulum’s architectural growth does not only mean a greater number of buildings. It also means the creation of jobs, which can help the socioeconomic development of the city. Likewise, with advances in sustainable architecture, more energy and water efficient technologies can be implemented, reducing costs and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle for residents.

On the other hand, well thought-out architecture can improve the quality of life for residents. Attractive public spaces, green areas, and a city design that promotes sustainable transportation and accessibility are some of the aspects that architects consider in their projects, thus contributing to the creation of a more livable city for its residents.

Education also benefits. For example, with the creation of the new Universidad Tecnológica de Tulum, greater opportunities open up for local youth interested in relevant careers, such as architecture. This allows future generations to be an active part of the development and growth of their city.


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Challenges to be faced by Tulum due to its rapid growth.

Tulum’s rapid growth also poses certain challenges. One of the main challenges is the need to maintain a balance between development and conservation. The preservation of Tulum’s rich biodiversity, its Mayan cultural heritage and the well-being of its inhabitants must be a primary consideration in all construction projects.

In addition, due to the acceleration in development, existing infrastructure may be left behind, and the demand for basic services, such as water and waste treatment, may increase. This requires careful and strategic planning by local authorities and architects.

Finally, it is essential that economic growth benefits the entire local population. For this, strategies that promote inclusion and avoid inequality are needed. This includes providing affordable housing and employment opportunities for local residents, and ensuring that a high standard of living is maintained in all parts of the city.

These challenges are important, but not insurmountable. Through a focus on sustainable planning and architecture, Tulum can overcome these challenges and ensure its success in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are environmental issues being handled in new construction projects?

New construction projects in Tulum are increasingly adopting sustainable practices and technologies to mitigate their environmental impact. The use of local and sustainable building materials, the implementation of water and energy saving technologies, and the incorporation of local vegetation into designs are just some of the strategies being applied.

In addition, projects such as Kubic Corp’s are focused on significantly reducing the ecological footprint of construction through solutions that reduce the amount of waste produced and promote greener construction techniques.

In short, managing environmental issues in Tulum construction is becoming a central objective for architects and builders in their commitment to sustainable development and the preservation of Tulum’s natural beauty and unique ecosystems.

Ultimately, the work of Francisco Javier Galindo Rojas and the Tulum Association of Engineers and Architects is key to ensuring the orderly and sustainable growth of Tulum and the Riviera Maya. His commitment to education and the promotion of quality architecture is fundamental to ensure proper planning and an attractive and sustainable real estate offer for investors and tourists. Thus, the figure of Galindo Rojas and his work deserve to be known and valued by those who wish to invest in the region.

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