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Reasons why you should invest in luxury real estate in Tulum in the coming months

Posted by AmorTulum on 1 de March de 2023


Reasons why you should invest in luxury real estate in Tulum in the coming months

Looking for a great investment opportunity? Invest in luxury properties in Tulum. This beautiful beach in Mexico has grown rapidly in recent years, presenting investors with the opportunity to capitalize on its growth and increasing value. Whether you’re looking for long-term appreciation or short-term gains, everyone can reap the rewards of investing here in property – from budget travelers exploring Tulum’s popular ruin sites to owners of luxury villas making high returns on rental income. In this blog post, we’ll explore some reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in Tulum property.  

Tulum is a beautiful Mexican beach town that has experienced rapid growth in recent years. This growth presents a great opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the increasing value of Tulum properties. Whether you are looking for long-term appreciation or short-term gains, there is something here for everyone.

Economic growth in Tulum

Tulum is an increasingly popular destination for both domestic and international tourists. Thanks to its privileged location, it has experienced strong economic growth in recent years and has become one of the main investment destinations in the Riviera Maya. This is because real estate investment in Tulum has shown high returns and significant capital gains: hotel occupancy is above 80%, while property appreciation can reach up to 10-15% annually. In addition, the city has received numerous nominations from the World Travel Awards, which speaks highly of Tulum’s potential as an investment destination. For these reasons, investing in Tulum real estate is an excellent option for great returns.

Tulum’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, both in terms of vacation rentals and real estate. The real estate market has experienced an increase of up to 10% per year in prices, which makes Tulum an excellent option for those interested in investing in real estate. These figures demonstrate Tulum’s great potential for a safe investment with a return of between 8% to 13% annually. In conclusion, vacation rentals, tourist occupancy and capital gains are some of the main reasons why Tulum has become an excellent destination for real estate investment.


Investment Opportunities in Tulum


Aldea Zama has established itself as the most exclusive community of luxury properties in Tulum, Mexico. With its perfect location between the city and the beach, it was created with a specifically designed “Master Plan” that has allowed it to have subway utilities, paved streets, defined residential and multi-family zones, commercial areas and much more. In addition, to ensure aesthetic beauty, each home is surrounded by subway power lines, so you won’t be distracted by any outside wires. And if that’s not enough, let’s not forget about your private cenote, which provides a lovely sense of security! Investing in Aldea Zama is definitely worth it if you are looking for an exclusive luxury home in a stunning setting.

La Veleta is truly a hidden paradise in Tulum. It is well known for its “SOHO” atmosphere and Calle 7, making it the ideal place for those looking to experience local life without sacrificing luxury. You can easily reach the beach or the city thanks to its connection to the Kukulkan Highway, and Aldea Zama is just minutes away. Here you’ll find luxurious properties dotted among basic buildings, as well as paved and unpaved areas, but there’s much more than meets the eye! People from all over come together here, with great restaurants, nightlife and, most importantly, a strong sense of community. Look no further if you are interested in investing in Tulum: La Veleta offers incredible properties!

EL PUEBLO, in Tulum, is fast becoming the meeting point for those seeking a wide range of services, from restaurants to pharmacies to banks. The government has invested in this area, and it certainly shows as you stroll along the beautiful sidewalks and well-maintained gathering spaces. Luxury properties are flourishing in this part of town, with Centauro Street being a favorite spot. Aptly nicknamed “la mini quinta”, in reference to how Playa del Carmen’s famous Quinta Avenida was in its early days, it is lined with fun bars and restaurants such as La Guarida, Il Bacaro and Batey that attract more and more people to invest in Tulum every day.

Region 15 of Tulum is a beautiful oasis surrounded by jungle. Luxury properties have been invested here, resulting in some spectacular developments that seem to escape the hustle and bustle of traditional urban life. For those who prefer to enjoy the muddy streets after a rainstorm, by jeep or 4×4 pickup truck, Region 15 continues to attract visitors looking for aesthetically pleasing architectural projects with lots of greenery!

Region 8 offers Luxury Real Estate with a distinct advantage: proximity to the beach. This not only allows you to enjoy picturesque views, but there are also many small subways nearby where you can invest in different projects. When looking for real estate opportunities in Tulum, it is crucial that you consider the infrastructure of each investment. Make sure your project is well designed and has a durable foundation that will last into the future. Region 8 is an ideal place to start your search.



HOLISTIKA has become the premier location for those seeking to stay connected to their higher sense of self and explore their potential. Luxury properties make up the landscape, where you can find yoga classes, raw food restaurants, Gypsea Market, as well as a variety of other local organic food markets to nourish the body and mind. The main avenue is 5th Street, which connects the community center to the beautiful beach. It’s no wonder why HOLISTIKA has grown in popularity in recent years: it offers guests endless opportunities to invest in themselves without sacrificing comfort or luxury. Investing in Tulum is more than investing in a property: it is investing in yourself!

Region 11 offers some of the most luxurious properties in Tulum and is the perfect investment opportunity. The strategic location of this area means that you can easily access the bustling commercial boulevard of Coba Road, as well as Tulum’s only two supermarkets: Chedrahui and Super Aki. Those wishing to see some of Tulum’s wonderful attractions can also take advantage of its proximity to the biosphere and bike to the ruins. Investing in Region 11 will provide you with a great return on your luxury real estate investment: come explore what it has to offer today!


Increasing demand for property

Investing in property in Tulum is becoming increasingly attractive these days, as the demand for luxury homes continues to rise. No one can deny that the increase in tourism has been a major factor in the growing popularity of the area. With people coming from all over the world to explore its stunning sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and awe-inspiring Mayan ruins, there is certainly no shortage of visitors looking to rent a home. This means there are plenty of opportunities for investors to make a lucrative return on their investment by converting homes into luxury vacation homes for short or long-term rental.

Attractive return on investment

Owning a home in Tulum is a good option for a return on investment. There are some key factors to consider when making the investment, such as location, appreciation, growth of the city, financial strength of the company building or selling, and market recognition.

Compared to investing in long-term rental real estate, building a home in Tulum offers a relatively lower return on investment. This is because the returns are earned in vacation ownership, which means that the income is not as stable. However, having a tangible property as a family asset is an advantage.

On the other hand, investing in long-term rental real estate is an excellent option to obtain a good return on investment. This form of investment not only offers better economic returns, but also greater security and financial stability. In addition, international investment markets offer greater openness, facilitating investment abroad.

In conclusion, building a house in Tulum can be an excellent option if you are looking for a tangible patrimony that can continue to grow even during economic crises. However, if you are looking for higher returns on investment, it is advisable to focus on vacation rental investments, especially in areas with high tourist flow and a stable economy.


Rental Opportunities

The Tulum area is an ideal destination to invest in real estate, as it offers excellent monetary returns without the effort required for a larger investment such as buying a house. Thanks to the proximity to the sea, the excellent tourist infrastructure and the variety of attractions that the area offers, the vacation rental market in Tulum is very attractive. Data from the World Tourism Organization show that the state of Quintana Roo receives more tourists than countries such as Brazil and Argentina combined with 13.3 million arrivals, and, in that sense, renting an apartment in Tulum can be an excellent opportunity to generate income. Apartments in Tulum offer several amenities for guests, such as adequate furniture, basic amenities, first aid kit, dishes and cutlery, coffee maker, hair dryer, among others. In addition, some properties offer services such as tours, which increases the rental value. These factors make vacation rentals in Tulum an excellent opportunity to generate income.

Improvements in infrastructure and services

Major infrastructure and service improvements are currently underway in Tulum, such as a new airport to improve access to the city, the construction of improved highways and roads, a new potable water and sewage network, and the modernization of the electrical grid. In addition, there is an effort to improve safety, quality of life, beach cleanliness, environmental preservation and the maintenance of local culture. Real estate developments in Tulum also include modern features such as green areas, parks, golf clubs, shopping centers and a wide variety of restaurants. Insurance plans have also been implemented for investors, offering protection against possible unforeseen events.

Attractive beach environment

Tulum is an ideal destination for real estate investment due to its great potential as a tourist destination and its privileged location in the Riviera Maya. With one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and the incredible archaeological remains of the ancient Mayan city, the city attracts thousands of tourists and visitors every year. The influx of tourists means an excellent opportunity for real estate investors. The Riviera Maya hotel association reported that in 2019 the region received 2.2 million tourists with a hotel occupancy rate of 90%.

In addition, the Riviera Maya has the most important hotel entity in the country, the Riviera Maya Hotel Association (AHRM), with 135 hotels and 30,220 rooms in total. The hotels include some of the most luxurious hotel chains in the world, such as Hilton Playa del Carmen, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, Grand Luxxe, among others.

The Mexican government is also promoting tourism in the region with future projects, such as the Riviera Maya racetrack, a 9-kilometer circuit with capacity for 130,000 spectators. This could generate a large number of employees and offer a greater variety of tourism options.

In addition, Tulum also offers a wide variety of amenities for visitors, such as the Exclusive Residential Tulum Country Club with its unique PGA Golf Course, the exclusive Kay Beach Club, gourmet restaurants, spas, swimming pools, activity areas and its famous white sand beaches.

In short, Tulum is an ideal destination for real estate investment, with excellent rental opportunities and a wealth of amenities for tourists. There are also a lot of future projects that promise even more tourist attractions for the region.


Spirit of adventure and activity

Tulum is an up-and-coming destination, increasingly popular for its spirit of adventure and activity, making it an excellent place to invest in real estate. This region offers a variety of unforgettable experiences for travelers, from the preserved nature of the jungle to the well-preserved archaeological zone. Buyers can enjoy an abundance of activities, such as scuba diving, kayaking, mountain biking, yoga, hiking, water skiing and jungle trekking. Buyers can also enjoy the peace and tranquility of the beach, jungle and wildlife.

Buyers can invest in a wide variety of real estate development projects, such as villas and condominiums, as well as hotels and commercial establishments. These properties offer very competitive prices and an opportunity to earn a good return. Buyers can also enjoy the great capital gains offered in this region. In addition, there are a variety of amenities to enjoy, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms, sun decks, yoga rooms, 24/7 security, and parking, among others. These features make Tulum an excellent place to invest in real estate.


History and presence of the Mayan culture

Mayan culture is one of the most important reasons to invest in Tulum real estate. This ancient tradition has deep roots in the Riviera Maya region, and its presence is felt in the architecture, art, history and culture. One of the highlights of the Mayan culture is the archaeological zone of Tulum, an impressive protected area that offers a variety of ancient sites, such as the Castle, the Temple of the Descending God and the House of Columns. These sites offer visitors the opportunity to explore Mayan history and culture, which makes them very attractive to all tourists visiting Tulum.

In addition, the Sian K’an reserve is also an important attraction for visitors, as it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This protected area offers a unique environment to see the local flora and fauna, making it an ideal destination for those who wish to enjoy nature.

Investing in real estate in Tulum is a great opportunity, as the Tren Maya project, which will connect the city with other major metropolises, is expected to increase tourism and the local economy. This will mean an increase in demand for real estate, which will drive up prices in the future. Therefore, the Mayan culture is a great reason to invest in real estate in Tulum, as its presence in the region attracts visitors from all over the world.


Port and International Airport

Tulum is an excellent destination to invest in real estate due to the growth of infrastructure, tourism and transportation facilities that is taking place. The Tulum International Airport, whose official name will be Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, is under construction and is expected to begin operations by the end of 2023. In addition, Highway 307 Cancun-Tulum is being transformed, which means better mobility for locals and tourists. A tourist complex is also planned in Puerto Aventuras with 5-star hotels, a golf course and a Formula 1 racetrack. The racetrack project is scheduled for completion in 2025.

Infrastructure development also includes the construction of El Tren Maya, a project to improve the region’s quality of life by connecting ancient Mayan cities with modern metropolises. This will expand the tourism sector by allowing visitors to see more of the Peninsula’s treasures while staying in Tulum or Cancun.

In terms of housing, Tulum offers Exclusive Private Residential with an Advanced Security System, PGA Golf Course, State of the Art Infrastructure, Country Club or KAY Beach Club, Supermarket + Farmers Market, 3 Bedrooms, Terrace and Private Pool, Parking and Canadian Method Construction.

All this makes Tulum a great option for real estate investment.


Areas in Tulum


ROSA : This is Coba Avenue, the first and main avenue that takes you to the beach. It has some particularities that other streets don’t have, for example, the bike lane that is divided by a buffer of trees that will make your experience of going to the beach much more pleasant. You feel protected from the sun and cars. It is important for you to know that today they are working on an infrastructure plan to create another bike path and pedestrian sidewalk on the other side of this same avenue, which will include a bus stop and also beautiful green areas. This is a plan that comes from the federal government because of the “PARQUE JAGUAR”, whose main purpose is to strengthen the ecological and territorial planning of the area and that will cover an area of almost one thousand hectares.

Why is it important? Because a good infrastructure will not only improve the quality of life but also increase the value of the properties near where the improvements are made.

This avenue on the opposite side of the beach will take you to COBA, Uh May and Macario Gomez. These small towns are very up and coming, you will find a very local Mayan community with good gastronomy and this is where you will also find many of the best CENOTES.

VERDE: This is the Kukulkan road is the second avenue that opened to the beach. It took some time to be well paved but now you can enjoy a good “shortcut” if you want to go to the beach clubs that are further back near Sian Kaan like Nomade or Panamera. This road still has no bike lane or good sidewalks for pedestrians so people choose to go by car or motorcycle.

PURPLE: This is the road inside Selva Zama that will also take you to the beach. It is not ready yet, but it is very advanced. Using this street, it will be a great experience to go to the beach, either by car, bike or walking.


Thank you for reading We hope this blog has inspired you to look into investing in Tulum real estate. If you are ready to take the next step, learn about the different property options we have available today. Our team would be more than happy to help you find the perfect investment opportunity here in Mexico, contact us today for more information!




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