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We always seek to act from love, because doing so has taken us to extraordinary places. We generate connections from the heart, from the most authentic of being, because that is where we find meaning.

We seek freedom in all we do, free to be ourselves and to create our own path.

We belong to nobody but ourselves, yet we seek to offer a piece of who we are and what we’ve learned to every person we meet.

We seek to act with wisdom, and we believe we can guide our people to awaken their own instinct, which will help them make accurate decisions when real estate investing for a lifelong plan for their financial freedom.

We want our clients to remember us for making them feel protected and safe, and we know that this can only be done if we act from a place of love when advising them investing in real estate, knowing this is the best way to build strong relationships with our clients.


We recommend environmentally conscious real estate projects with high quality standards.

Being a Master Broker is a great responsibility. For us, being a guide for our clients, whether they are investors, buyers, developers or real estate advisors, means having the opportunity to add value to support the creation of a sustainable, healthy and harmonious destination when we do real estate transactions.

AMORAMAR real estate projects are a benchmark of quality, awareness, and commitment as we are very selective when choosing the project that we want to promote exclusively. We choose committed developers with experience in the area because it is essential to filter properties that truly have a purpose for a collective good. It is our duty as Master Brokers to share and help others when buying or selling a property and we are committed to directing real estate developments towards a purpose for the good of the community and destiny.



We help families buy and sell homes in Riviera Maya, providing security, safety and opportunity for return of investment.

We give advice to build solutions that respond to current market needs, supply, demand, architectural and urban trends creating communities that prosper.


We act with Integrity, we take responsibility, we act with ethics, honesty, transparency and dedication.


To be a benchmark company for conscious, quality and luxury projects through our contributions, consultancies and collaborations where we will sow seeds to positively transform the tourist destinations of Mexico, and help our customers, agents and employees build wealth through real estate investing.


We act proactively and decisively. We are real estate professionals in constant training, innovation and personal growth aligned with current market and technology trends. We love what we do.


It is important that you feel comfortable with whom you choose to work. Our real estate agents can provide you with personal consultations to address your investment priorities.

Kyle Stozek

English Speaking Country Manager / Real Estate

Carlos Martín

Real Estate Advisor

Lorena Siller

Real Estate Advisor

Nohemí Ramírez

Real Estate Advisor

Paul Cunningham

Real Estate Advisor

Gisela Iriarte

Real Estate Advisor

Karla Garza

Real Estate Advisor

Antonio Peña

Real Estate Advisor

Daniela Kinil

Costumer Care & Admin

Tairi Domínguez



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