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Posted by AmorTulum on 21 de September de 2023

To get to know a place it is necessary to get close to its most representative culinary traditions.

Tulum’s gastronomy denotes an enormous Mayan and Yucatecan influence and is one of the main attractions for those who visit this paradisiacal region of the Mexican Caribbean; there is a rich tradition of dishes made with seafood, with pre-Hispanic roots, combined with traditional European customs.

The diversity of tourists visiting Tulum has led to the opening of international food bars and restaurants.

Being a cosmopolitan destination, its gastronomic panorama is very diverse and has experienced a constant evolution incorporating local ingredients to create a fusion with new international trends. This attractive culinary proposal has gained great acceptance worldwide.

Tulum presents dishes of international gastronomy, thanks to the influence of chefs from different parts of the world who settled in the Caribbean coasts; you will enjoy Asian, Mediterranean, Argentinean, Italian, Spanish, etc. cuisine.



NIMEÑO: Nimeño bakery Authentic French bakery, it’s like tasting France. The bread and pastries are absolutely amazing, and the breakfast food is spectacular! The food at Nimeño blends the flavors of the area with their bakery items.

ROSSINA CAFE: the ideal place for breakfast with family or friends, with a wide variety of sweet and savory options. And for dessert lovers, there are delicious homemade ice creams made in the same kitchen. It is the best place to start the day with energy.

DEL CIELO: In this Hosteria you can enjoy tasty vegetarian food, you can also get here sweet pieces, cakes, simple snacks and also cold refreshments and hot drinks. If you are not that hungry, you can grab one of the tasty sandwiches, a small healthy salad or another snack, there are also some international dishes to choose from the menu. The versatile and delicious Mexican cuisine traditionally prepared with corn, beans and chilies (hot peppers), is also well received by guests, for breakfast, a delicious and rich brunch is offered here.

HOLISTIKA: is an organic and ecological restaurant with creative dishes made from local products, to offer a unique gastronomic experience. It is focused on giving the body the necessary nutrients to maintain balance, in addition to delighting you with flavors.

LA CAMPANELLA CREMERIE: is an Italian pastry shop with two locations in Tulum, the first located in the heart of Tulum, and the second located in the commercial area of Aldea Zama. It offers a wide variety of sweets ranging from classic Italian desserts to Mexican delicacies, such as cookies with fresh milk.

NORITA: offers a wide variety of menus, from vegan-friendly dishes to high-end European fusion. Each dish is a work of art and love. Located in Aldea Zama inside the luxurious Arthouse Tulum, a hidden gem and an experience not to be missed!

ALMA VERDE: a unique place that specializes in organic and local food. Most of the dishes are made with ingredients grown in their gardens and on the nearby farm. Here you can find the best organic food and know that you are supporting local farmers. This is an ideal option for those who want to enjoy a sustainable dining experience.



EL CAPITAN: If you want to try tasty dishes like hamburgers or barbecue, this is your place, and a tasty typical seafood cuisine awaits you. The versatile and delicious Mexican cuisine traditionally prepared with corn, beans and chilies (hot peppers), for breakfast, here is offered a delicious and rich brunch. With fresh seafood, meat, as well as corn and potatoes, South American stew is also made here. Restaurant guests also love the extensive variety of diverse coffee and tea specialties the site has to offer.

NEGRA TOMASA: La Negra Tomasa is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Tulum, Mexico. Known for its authentic Mexican cuisine and delicious seafood dishes, this restaurant has captivated the palate of locals and tourists alike. Located in the heart of Tulum, La Negra Tomasa offers a unique and authentic dining experience.

BURRITO AMOR: If you want to try tasty American food like hamburgers or barbecue, this is your place, and you can enjoy tasty vegetarian food. The versatile and appetizing Mexican cuisine traditionally prepared with corn, beans and chilies (hot peppers), is also well received by guests, and for breakfast, a delicious and rich brunch is offered here.


POSADA MARGHERITA: Here you can find recipes and ingredients of Italian cuisine. Eating their perfectly made margherita pizza, their amazing steak tartar and their tasty shrimp pasta is a great experience here. Try the generous ice cream, the unique chocolate ice cream and the homemade chocolate foam that this restaurant has. Here you can order a great pinot grigio, unbeatable margaritas or excellent martinis. Its delicious fruit juice, its extraordinary coffee and its spectacular fresh juices are the key point of Posada Margherita.

MEZZANINE: This Thai restaurant offers tantalizing authentic flavors that balance aromatic herbs and spices with fresh coconut milk to produce traditional dishes that have made Mezzanine an iconic Tulum spot for the past 18 years. Combine this with sweeping panoramic views of Tulum beach, relaxed house music and exceptional service and you have the unmistakable Mezzanine vibe.
Mezzanine also serves exceptional healthy breakfasts with Açai bowls and juices and a casual beach menu with guacamole and ceviches.

MI AMOR: Stop by if you are a lover of Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines. Guests at this restaurant can enjoy a well-crafted ceviche, amazing fried fish and unique fish tacos. Try their delicate orange cheesecake, savory parfait and homemade French toast. It’s time to taste a great wine, a spectacular champagne or delicious margaritas. Their excellent tea, superb espresso coffee and unsurpassed fruit juice are waiting for you at Mi Amor Hotel Tulum. Listen to live music in the evenings. Word has it that the staff here is prepared.


DELEK: The exquisite flavors of Mexican cuisine attract a good number of customers. Tasting their tender pork, amazing tacos or tasty laing is surely a good idea. Delek is a familiar name in Tulum. An open and welcoming space, the owners are present and the location is golden. Perfectly situated on the beach.

PANAMERA: The Panamera District, in the Tulum beach area, with an elegant beach club, a signature checkered pool and a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, regularly offers a variety of dining and wellness experiences that will make your stay at the Panamera Hotel a unique experience.

AHAU: is a wonderful restaurant serving Mexican cuisine and international dishes with a tropical touch. It is located in front of the beach, which gives the place a unique atmosphere to enjoy the food.

LA ZEBRA: Arguably the best beach club in Tulum for families with kids is La Zebra! Your kids can have fun on the playground while you wait for your food and drinks. It is not as expensive as other beach clubs in the area, plus the food and service are absolutely excellent.


HABITAS: More than a restaurant, it is a gathering space for our family, morning, noon or night. It is here that we gather with sand between our toes, under the shade of the trees, to catch up and share our stories. Located just meters from the Caribbean Sea, our dining experience is inspired by the beauty of nature. Our floor seating allows us to feel close to the earth, while our glass walls allow the space to blend in with the lush jungle vegetation.

NEGRO HUITLACOXE: This restaurant is a perfect choice if you are in the mood for Mexican cuisine. Eating their perfectly crafted tamales, tender birria and homemade rice pudding is a great experience here. If you haven’t yet savored the tasty Negro huitlacoxe ice cream, then you haven’t yet enjoyed life. It is great to taste their spectacular horchata or their extraordinary coffee.

CANOVA: if you are a lover of Italian cuisine. Many diners come to try their homemade vegetable pizza, their generous ravioli or their tender grilled octopus. This restaurant guarantees you a well-worked flan, a well-prepared panna cotta and a tasty tiramisu. This place is famous for its extraordinary merlot.

TUESDAY AT PALMA CENTRAL: a permanent food truck park serving some really tasty food. It is tucked away on the main street of downtown Tulum, which makes it a real hidden gem. It has about 15 food trucks (serving all kinds of foods from all over the world. The trucks are nicely centered around a patio, and you can hear live music on weekends, as well as local artisans selling jewelry and textiles. It is also family friendly, as it has a space for the little ones.

CASA JAGUAR: is a Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, a soft and magical grand entrance to the wild located in the jungle of Tulum. The kitchen is an open space that invites sharing and conviviality under the sparkling starlight, with our essence inspired by the tradition of Mexican families. The menu of local ingredients showcases Mexican flavors with those of our wood-fired oven, making the perfect pairing with our signature cocktails.


ARCA: Arca is a unique Mexican-style restaurant characterized by its various cultural influences. Opened in 2015, Arca quickly became a relevant and fundamental component to the growing dining scene in Tulum. Its culinary and beverage programs pay homage to the region, using the best products from local beaches and farms. Their menus are constantly changing according to the seasons and the availability of products.

HARTWOOD: Its open kitchen with grill and oven is powered solely by solar energy. The menu changes daily to offer the freshest produce and catch of the day from local fishermen. At night, the patio is lit with lanterns and has a rustic-chic ambiance where you can expect to see models, photographers and East Coast creatives.

ROSA NEGRA: An authentic Latin American party, its rustic yet sophisticated ambiance is enlivened by the resident DJ’s music, bongo show and sparkler happenings that give life to an atmosphere full of energy and passion for life, in a privileged location in Tulum’s Hotel Zone.



LA GUARIDA: Cafeteria and cultural venue with open kitchen, improvised live music, film screenings and rooftop terrace. Located in the center of Tulum. Offers vegan chorizo, hummus, babaganoush, tapenade and other dips, plus vegan desserts.

BATEY: After a good hike through Tulum Underwater, come to this bar and get some rest. Mojito & Guarapo Bar is famous for its Italian and Mexican cuisine. Don’t forget to try the generous laing, the perfectly prepared guacamole or the appealing prawns of this place. Here you can have an extraordinary classic mojito, an excellent beer or some amazing tequila. Savor their great fresh juices, their unbeatable espresso coffee or their spectacular cane sugar juice. At night, there are live music performances. Most patrons find the staff here to be great. Their admirable service is always a pleasure. Pay attention to the prices of this place, because they are low. A neat decoration and pleasant atmosphere help their customers to feel relaxed.

LA PIZZINE: Their unique pizza will taste amazing. It is worth trying an irresistible beer here. Its unbeatable coffee is the distinctive feature of this restaurant. Imagine a combination of great recipes with attentive staff: that’s exactly what La Pizzine gives you. We can recommend this establishment for its adequate prices. This place has an amazing atmosphere and spectacular decor.


GITANO: It is a restaurant with a unique atmosphere, located on the beach. It is famous for its vegetarian dishes, such as quinoa salad and lentil curry. The place also offers craft beers made in the region. It is the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family while listening to the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea.

TREE HOUSE: Centered around an open-air kitchen, Tulum Treehouse is a five-room guesthouse and destination restaurant that explores the tastes, flavors and musical expressions of the Yucatán peninsula.

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