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Posted by AmorTulum on 19 de January de 2024

Coba Avenue and Kukulkan Avenue are arguably the two most emblematic streets in Tulum, attracting visitors and locals alike on a daily basis with their vibrant energy and unique charm.

For a long time Coba Avenue was the only street with direct access to the beach and Jaguar Park, as well as the detour that leads to Tulum’s hotel zone, until in 2021 Kukulkan Avenue was opened as an alternative street that would connect La Veleta, region 15 and other areas of the city with the hotel zone and its most exclusive beach clubs in Tulum.

Recently it was announced the opening of a third street that will connect to Aldea Zama, Selva Zama, among the advantages is that this street is private, less traveled and full of trees. It is important to mention that although these 3 streets help you to connect with different parts of the hotel zone of Tulum, each one has its own characteristics that make it a great experience.


 One of the advantages of Coba Avenue is its easy access and proximity to the famous public beach ”Paraiso”. This beach is one of the most popular due to its natural beauty and crystal clear waters. In addition, this avenue has a great variety of restaurants, bars and handicraft stores, which makes it an ideal place to spend the day with friends and family.

Kukulkan Avenue is a wider and more modern street, full of luxury hotels, exclusive boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Here you will find a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. It is also known for its luxurious Beach Clubs, where you can relax on day beds while enjoying delicious cocktails and live music.

On the other hand, the new street of Selva Zama offers a quieter and more private experience. This area is characterized by its beautiful vegetation and tranquility, making it a perfect place for nature lovers.

Connectivity and accessibility are two characteristics that make Tulum such a popular tourist destination. These new streets not only improve mobility within the city, but also promote sustainable tourism by providing greener options for getting to the beach. Instead of relying exclusively on private vehicles, visitors can choose to walk or bike through these streets to reduce their impact on the environment.

Now if we take as reference points the time and distance it would take us to go from Aldea Zama to the hotel zone from the different access roads, you will notice that you will always have a better option for when you visit.

Starting point Aldea Zama to the hotel zone

  • Coba Ave: 2 Km
    • 5 Minutes By Car
    • 8 Minutes By Bike

Coba is perfect for biking on the bike path and you have easy access to the jaguar park approx 15 minutes to get to Paraiso beach.

  • Kukulkan Ave: 4km
    • 1st Munitos In Cart
    • 15 Minutes By Bike

Kukulkan is a shortcut but not recommended for cycling.

  • Selva Zama: 3 Km
    • 6 Minutes By Car
    • 10 Munitos By Bike

But this street in the middle is perfect because it has a lot of green areas and it is even better and safer to go to the beach at any time.

The exit of this new street is just before AZULIK. So it is a good point to go to beach clubs like:

  • Papaya beach
  • Broad beans
  • Beach issues rock
  • The fish

These new connections will serve to reduce travel time for those who commute daily to the hotel zone.

This high season, when Tucumán was full, I took advantage of the time I saved to get to the hotel zone quickly.

For real estate investors this news is very important because people who invested in Aldea Zama or Selva Zama congratulations because their property is worth more! Why because the accessibility attracts more people who want to live in that area, and therefore rents more expensive, and can be sold more expensive.

All of these streets offer a unique way to explore and discover the beauty of Tulum’s Hotel Zone. Each one has its own charm and characteristics that make it special, so we recommend you take the time to walk them all during your visit to this beautiful tourist destination. In addition, with these new streets, it is now easier to get to the beach from different points of the city, allowing greater accessibility for everyone.

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