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Posted by AmorTulum on 22 de November de 2022

In view of the coronavirus, investments in the real estate sector in tourist areas are growing. One example is Barcelona, which to date has registered a 30% increase in prime areas of the city. This is happening in stable sectors that guarantee high yields and where the economy depends largely on tourism.

“As soon as this passing crisis is over, the attractiveness of assets located in prime areas will continue to be very high by investors” Laborde Marcel real estate consultant of Real Estate market & Lifestyle Magazine.

The investment opportunity of properties in Tulum in times like these significantly increase your chances of profit.  One of the main reasons why today there are more opportunities in the real estate business has to do with the economic situation, both nationally and internationally, which consequently brings a better price offer.

In the Riviera Maya, there are low and high seasons, but people always go. People buy a second home and eventually imagine living there, so in that sense they are recession-proof.

Taking a long-term view is a smart approach to any kind of real estate investment.

For you and your family’s growth.

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