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Posted by AmorTulum on 9 de June de 2023

A “Pueblo Mágico” where nature and culture intertwine.

Mexico grants the title of “Pueblo Magico” to historically important towns or villages, and Bacalar, on the Grand Mayan coast is one of them.

Located just 30 minutes from Chetumal in the southern part of Quintana Roo, it is believed that the name Bacalar comes from the Mayan word meaning “Place of reeds”, since this type of plant can be seen around the 7-color lagoon. The Spanish colonized Bacalar in the 16th century, as evidenced by the Fuente de San Felipe, used in ancient times to defend the city from attacks by French and Dutch pirates. Today, the fort concentrates all the history of the town, in addition to offering a spectacular view of the lagoon.


Less than two hours away by car, Dzibanché and Kohunlich are two of the most impressive archaeological sites in the south. Located in the middle of the dense tropical jungle, Kohunlich, dating from the 4th century, stands out for “El Templo de los Mascarones”, a pyramid from the Early Classic period with five carved stone figures on its stairs, making it the most emblematic structure in Quintana Roo. To the north, Dzibanché is a smaller and less crowded site, so you will have the site practically to yourself. Don’t forget to visit nearby archaeological sites such as Chacchobén, Kinichná and Oxtankah.


As the Seven Colors Lagoon is the main attraction of Bacalar, there are many aquatic activities that can be done here, but the ones that stand out are those that have a low environmental impact, since we are interested in protecting and maintaining the lagoon so that it does not lose its incredible blue tones, besides respecting the oldest evidence of life on Earth, the stromatolites, communities of bacteria that date back 3,500 million years and are important generators of oxygen.

Kayaking or paddleboarding in the lagoon are experiences that are worthwhile, especially at sunset to contemplate one of the best views and listen to the sounds of nature at its best. If you are a morning person and want to stay active, we recommend you to schedule a sup yoga class, which consists of meditating and doing yoga on board a paddleboard. A unique experience that will transport your mind, body and spirit to another place while putting you in tune with yourself and the environment. You can also tour the lagoon by boat, sailboat or pontoon, which is an elongated boat, representative of Bacalar and the neighboring country of Belize.

If you just want to relax in its waters, on the shores of the lagoon you will find some docks from which you can access this large body of water for swimming. These usually have swings and hammocks that are one of the most Instagrammable places in this “Pueblo Mágico”.


Bacalar is the perfect place for travelers looking for a quiet destination where they can be surrounded by nature, without leaving aside some history, adventure and culture. This destination, part of the Grand Costa Maya, has several natural scenarios where you can perform activities of low environmental impact, the main attraction being the 7-color lagoon named for the different shades of blue that have their waters, which can be traveled by kayak, paddleboard or aboard a boat, catamaran, sailboat or pontoon.

Within the lagoon there are three different cenotes.

Cenote Cocalitos has swings and hammocks inside the lagoon where you can relax while listening to the birds singing. Also known as “Cenote de la Bruja” (Witch’s Cenote) according to local legend.

The Cenote Negro has a diameter of 130 meters and a depth ranging from one and a half to almost 100 meters, being a natural precipice. Surrounded by abundant vegetation, its name is due to its intense cobalt blue color. Some of the activities you can do here are paddleboarding, snorkeling and diving, as long as you are accompanied by a professional guide.

Esmeralda has an eye of water through which water gushes into the lagoon. The only cenote located outside the lagoon is Cenote Azul, which is 200 meters wide and 90 meters deep. Here you can swim and canoe. On the shore there is a restaurant, famous for its seafood dishes.

The Bacalar Rapids connect the Bacalar lagoon with a smaller one called Xul-Há through the Estero de Chac, known as the Canal de los Piratas, where you can also observe the stromatolites. Let yourself be carried away by the gentle current of Los Rápidos floating or kayaking or paddleboarding and contemplate its spectacular crystalline waters.


Out of the water, the Main Plaza is where much of the action happens in this small town, as here is the Fort of San Felipe, a museum that narrates the fascinating history of Mayas and pirates that surrounds Bacalar. Cycle through it and enjoy some of the antojitos or a delicious ice cream, as well as visit some of the artisans’ stalls to take home a piece of Bacalar. Don’t forget to take a picture of yourself in the colorful letters that form the word “Bacalar”.

Located in the center of Bacalar, the Church of San Joaquin is an 18th century construction dedicated to the patron saint of Bacalar, San Joaquin. Inside you can appreciate the figure of this saint and some murals that narrate the history of the Caste War. Outside, the church is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Legend has it that near the Church of San Joaquin wander ghosts that are some of the victims of the Caste War, which took place from 1847 to 1901 between Mayan natives of the Yucatan Peninsula and “whites” (Creoles and mestizos).


Investing in real estate in Bacalar is an excellent option for those who wish to obtain good returns. The price of housing in this location has increased significantly due to rising land prices and increased demand. The prime location coupled with the subtropical climate makes Bacalar an attractive place to invest.

There are also many opportunities for leasing property in Bacalar, which can generate long-term income without the need to invest too much capital up front. The demand for rentals is on the rise, as many people are looking to live close to the sea. Therefore, prices continue to rise and are a good opportunity for financial gain.

It is one of the most promising places in the country, the most majestic part of this place and for which it stands out, is for its lagoon, since it has become famous because in it you can appreciate seven different shades of blue color in its warm waters. A spectacle that all tourists want to know, a place that everyone will love and is famous for the so-called “The lagoon of the seven colors”.

In recent years Bacalar has had a great growth thanks to the fact that it has become a place that everyone wants to know. This makes it an ideal place for investment because its magic and tranquility make it meet the current needs of tourists who want to be in a place away from the city to de-stress completely. You must be very clear that this emerging place has a promising future in the short term and will be another very good option to invest.

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