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Posted by AmorTulum on 26 de January de 2024


 Imagine yourself there, with the keys in hand. Happiness overwhelms you. But wait, there are important details before the celebration.

Tours can be overwhelming. Don’t get caught up in the excitement. Get equipped and keep your eyes open, here we show you how to prepare.

On the day of the reception of your new home you should be prepared to thoroughly check every corner.

The first thing to do is to bring a REVIEW REPORT, this is a useful tool to help you stay focused and organized during the review or inspection process. It is a document that will guide you on your journey, making sure you don’t forget any important details. While this is a formality that should be carried by the person in charge of the construction company, don’t forget to write down every detail you see on the phone, so that after the visit you can send it to the developer.

Some common elements that you will have to take into account:

  • Checklist and description of the elements (ANNEX): A detailed and exhaustive list of all the elements or areas that must be reviewed, a clear example is the annex that is delivered at the time of signing the promise of sale. Also a brief description of each element or area that is included in the checklist.
  • Key questions: A series of questions to ask yourself as you review each element or area. Remember that these questions can help you identify potential problems or areas for improvement.
  • Space for notes: A blank space for you to take notes and record any observations or findings during the inspection.
  • Signature of approval: At the end of the review letter, include a space for the reviewer to sign and approve the walkthrough upon successful completion.

Tips for a more certainty-based revicios:

  • Physical conditions: Leave no stone unturned and no corner uninspected. Look at every detail, from the floor to the ceiling. Your peace of mind is well worth this small effort.
  • Attend to the obvious and the hidden. From a stain on the wall to the soft closing of a door.
    • Operation of doors and windows: They should open and close smoothly.
    • Finishes and paint: Are there stains or drips? Take note.
    • Closet operation: The slides should slide smoothly.
    • Inspection of installations: Electricity, gas, water (open sink faucets, turn on shower, and flush toilet to check water pressure).

Everything must be in optimal conditions.

DEED OF DELIVERY This document is used to register the delivery of your new property, with this document you can have your property received even if the deed is not ready to sign.

It is important that you can keep in mind which are the important points to check:

  • Vendor identification
  • Identification of the buyer
  • Detailed description of your property: Include characteristics, based on attachment and floor plan of the unit, unit number.
  • Delivery date
  • Signature of both parties: Both the seller and the buyer must sign the delivery record to certify that it has been satisfactorily completed.

HIDDEN VICTIM LETTER this legal document is used in situations where a buyer has purchased a property and discovers serious defects or problems with the property after it has been purchased.

Hidden defects refer to errors or defects in the property that are not always visible to the naked eye and that may affect its normal use. These problems can range from minor to serious damage.

This letter must contain the term of duration in which the seller will be responsible for the structural defects that the property may suffer, usually most developers offer 1 year. In summary, if you discover hidden defects in a property you have purchased, it is important to act quickly and notify the seller through a letter of hidden defects to protect your rights as a buyer and seek a fair solution.

Buying a property is not just about owning a physical space, it is about investing in your future and creating a place to call home. It is the beginning of new memories and opportunities that will shape your life for years to come. As we’ve already said, there are many factors to consider when buying a property, from location and budget to amenities and potential investment value. But one thing is certain, taking this step towards home ownership is an exciting journey that must be traveled with patience and careful decision making.

That is why in Amoramar we will always be supporting you in every step you take when acquiring your new property to call home.

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