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Get to Know Puerto Morelos, Places to Visit and Things to Do

Posted by AmorTulum on 5 de April de 2023


Puerto Morelos, Mexico, is a unique destination, full of history and traditions, known for the beauty of its beaches and for its many attractions and activities that allow you to enjoy this destination in the Mexican Caribbean to the fullest. Among the most popular destinations are the Cenotes Route, a route that goes deep into the jungle and allows visitors to enjoy marvelous subway formations; the Selvática Ecological Park, an ideal destination for ecotourism, where endemic species can be found; and the Arrecifes de Puerto Morelos National Marine Park, a site where different types of marine life and its inclined lighthouse can be observed.
In addition to these attractions, visitors can enjoy other activities, such as snorkeling, diving, kayaking, fishing, yoga, hiking, sailing and excursions to nearby places like Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. There is also an endless number of hotels for all tastes and a varied gastronomic proposal to delight the palate.
In short, Puerto Morelos offers many attractions and activities to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.


Cenotes are natural subway water wells that have developed through the erosion of the limestone rock that exists in much of the Yucatan Peninsula, including the region of Puerto Morelos. These pools can be open, closed or semi-closed. The water is crystal clear and exceptionally clean, making the cenotes an excellent option for diving, swimming, snorkeling and enjoying the underwater fauna and flora.
These destinations are a great opportunity to safely engage in outdoor activities and enjoy nature, both in the terrestrial and underwater environments. In addition, Puerto Morelos is located on the Cenotes Route, a 35-kilometer corridor comprising more than 60 cenotes, each with its own magic, charm and unique characteristics.
The cenotes offer a wide variety of experiences, from the tranquility of an open-air cenote to the thrill of a zip line through the rainforest. In addition, their depth and the wide variety of fish and underwater plants make them a paradise for nature lovers.
In conclusion, the cenotes are a unique excursion option in Puerto Morelos, as they combine the beauty and charm of nature with many unique activities and experiences not found anywhere else. This region has a large number of different cenotes, each with its own charms and attractions that are sure to leave a lasting impression.


What can you do in Puerto Morelos?

In Puerto Morelos there are many activities to do. These include catamaran tours through the lagoon and the sea, biodiversity observation excursions through the mangroves, Dolphin Ride to enjoy the experience with dolphins, diving, fishing, tours through the most emblematic bodies of water of the Cenotes Route Puerto Morelos – Leona Vicario, all-terrain vehicles through the jungle, hanging bridges, zip lines and other adventure sports. In addition, you can also practice windsurfing, kayaking and scuba diving, ride bicycles or ATVs, swim in the beach with clear and smooth sand, and take ecotourism excursions. Finally, you can also visit the only botanical garden in the area and the Malecon, which offers restaurants, bars, stores and one of the best ocean views in the world.

What places to visit in Puerto Morelos?

In Puerto Morelos there are a myriad of incredible places to visit and enjoy. Among the main destinations is the National Marine Park, where there are 500 hectares of wildlife, bird species, tapirs, deer, monkeys and other animals endemic to the region. In addition, there are catamaran rides on the lagoon and the sea, biodiversity observation excursions through the mangroves, the Dolphin Ride experience and activities such as diving, fishing, driving all-terrain vehicles through the jungle, hanging bridges, zip lines and other adventure sports.
There are also wonderful places to visit that you can’t miss, among them the Selvática Ecological Park, the Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín Botanical Garden, the inclined lighthouse, the Great Mayan Reef, the sea and the Yucatecan jungle. In addition, adventure lovers can enjoy catamaran tours, biodiversity observation excursions, swimming in cenotes, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, ATV and mountain bike rides, and ATV tours through the jungle.
Another wonderful place to visit is Crococun, a fun zoo and ecological farm full of crocodiles and other species.
In addition, the Malecon of Puerto Morelos, a magical corner located in the Riviera Maya, where there are restaurants, bars, stores and a breathtaking view of the sea.

Finally, visitors can enjoy Cozumel Island, which is a fundamental maritime linking point, as well as the Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín Botanical Garden, to closely observe the area’s own species, and the landscape that has been hit by 3 of the region’s great hurricanes: Beulah in 1967, Gilberto in September 1988 and Wilma in October 2005.
As for lodging, there is a wide range of options from simple hostels to 5-star hotels, as well as camping sites.

The Malecón

Experiencing the Malecon in Puerto Morelos is unique. The sea breeze blows gently over the beach as fishermen prepare their fishing gear for the day. Birdsong greets the sunrise, along with the emerald color of the water stretching to the horizon. Rainbow colors reflect on the horizon in the afternoon. The Malecon is one of the most tranquil and relaxing destinations in the Riviera Maya, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature in all its splendor.
The Malecon also offers a variety of restaurants and bars to enjoy the typical food of the area. Here you can find everything from the most authentic flavors to modern preparations with a local touch. There are also several stores to buy souvenirs and local handicrafts.For those who want a more relaxed experience, there is a beautiful botanical garden near the Malecon, where you can find a variety of native plants and flowers. Unrelenting nature is also present in the form of the leaning lighthouse, which was toppled by Hurricane Beulah in 1967 and is now a symbol of the town’s resilience.
Puerto Morelos is a perfect place for both tourists and locals who enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the sea. The Malecon is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy nature, local culture and wonderful food.

What are some outdoor activities in Puerto Morelos?

With its beaches, cenotes, mangroves and jungle, Puerto Morelos is an ideal destination for nature lovers. You can snorkel, swim, windsurf, kayak, scuba dive, ride a bicycle or ATV through the jungle, drive all-terrain vehicles, ride suspension bridges, enjoy a zip line and take catamaran tours through the lagoon and the sea. You can also enjoy a dolphin experience at Dolphin Ride, go fishing or scuba diving, and go on biodiversity observation excursions through the mangroves. And to get to know the place, you can’t miss the Dr. Alfredo Barrera Marín Botanical Garden, the Puerto Morelos Reef National Park and the Puerto Morelos – Leona Vicario Cenotes Route, a place to disconnect and embrace nature!

Water Sports

Scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, kayaking, boat rides and swimming competitions in the open sea. In addition, off-road vehicle tours, day trips, zip lines, nature and wildlife tours, historical tours, private tours to places of interest, sporting events, walking and biking tours, ground transportation, multi-day and extended tours, classes and workshops, special offers, shopping tours and theme parks.

What are some things to do in the jungle of Puerto Morelos?

In Puerto Morelos, you can enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities, such as catamaran tours, excursions to observe biodiversity, swimming in cenotes, fishing, snorkeling, driving ATVs through the jungle, crossing hanging bridges, zip-lining, horseback riding, mountain biking, ATVs through the jungle, enjoying the wildlife of the region and enjoying the charms of Selvática, one of the best adventure parks in Latin America. Crococun, a fun zoo and ecological farm, is also a must for nature lovers.

How do I get to Puerto Morelos?

Puerto Morelos is located on the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo, halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, so it is very easy to reach this destination.

For those who want to travel by car, you will have to take the Tulum-Cancun/Mexico 307 highway from Cancun to kilometer 31 where you will have to turn left towards the sea to enter Puerto Morelos. This trip usually takes approximately 20 minutes.

If you prefer to travel by public transportation, you can take a bus from the company Playa Express in the direction of Playa del Carmen and get off in Puerto Morelos. Travel time is approximately 38 minutes from Cancun and 34 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

Another option is to board a plane from Cancun International Airport to Puerto Morelos.

Once you are in Puerto Morelos, you have the option of taking a cab or colectivo to get to the beach. Cabs charge approximately 35 MXN and colectivos charge 10 MXN.

If you want to enjoy a unique experience, you can go scuba diving, take a tour of the most emblematic bodies of water of the Puerto Morelos – Leona Vicario Cenotes Route, drive all-terrain vehicles through the jungle, cross hanging bridges, ride exciting zip lines and practice other adventure sports.

Gastronomy in Puerto Morelos What are some of the restaurants you should know?

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Puerto Morelos to taste authentic Mexican food, then you cannot miss Merkadito del Mar, La Panza es Primero, The Burger Underground, I Wanna Pizza and La Pizza Nostra. These restaurants serve a variety of dishes, from fish, ceviche and seafood to burgers and pizzas, and offer a splendid view of the Caribbean. In addition, in the Main Square you will find street vendors offering local snacks. On Sundays you have the opportunity to visit the Bazaar, where handicrafts are sold, and the Artisans Market, the ideal place to buy souvenirs to take home.

What are some recommended hotels in Puerto Morelos?

In Puerto Morelos there are accommodations for all tastes and budgets, from 5-star luxury hotels, such as Kin Sol Soleil Hotel Boutique, Catalonia Playa Maroma – All Inclusive and Dreams Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa, to more economical 3-star hotels, such as Hotel Gota de Sal, Hacienda Morelos and Abbey del Sol. In addition to these, there are also comfortable cabanas for up to 4 people at Aldea Maya-Ha, transparent bubbles in the Mayan jungle at Oom Bubble Boutique Riviera Cancun and Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort with all-inclusive for families with children. All of these hotels offer a wide variety of services to facilitate their guests’ stay, from pools, restaurants and meditation spaces, to water slides and playrooms for children.


The best time to travel to Puerto Morelos depends on what the visitor is looking for. If the goal is to have less tourist affluence, the best time to visit the most traditional coastal town of Quintana Roo would be between June and October. This season is the wettest and rainiest, but it is also when there is less international tourism. On the other hand, if you want an ideal climate, the best months to travel are from December to April, although this season is the one with the highest number of tourists, especially between December and February. So, the best time to visit Puerto Morelos is from late November to mid-December and the months of March and April, since the weather is still good and the beaches are not so crowded.


Puerto Morelos has gone from being a small town without its own identity, to being today a tourist destination with high real estate value and a great potential for various developments and investments. One of the most important points is that it has managed to maintain its essence and its peaceful atmosphere, which makes it very easy for anyone to fall in love with its magic. The infrastructure of Puerto Morelos guarantees the generation of goods and services that promote social welfare and sustainable development.

Many foreigners find a lot of security to invest here mainly because of the proximity to the airport and the best hospitals in Cancun. The destination is very safe, because the inhabitants and tourists maintain a quiet lifestyle where partying and nightlife do not prevail. Safety becomes one of the most important points in its favor.

Visitors fall in love with the destination for the adventure activities, and connection with nature, feeling in a small town with a lot of magic where they can find the disconnection from big cities.

What is the development that heralds great growth for the destination?

With an investment of 3.4 billion pesos, the Grand Outlet Malltertainment is the largest and most important shopping and entertainment center in Latin America, with a mixed commercial offer, with the main attraction of entertainment, in a development area of more than 250,000 m². The concept includes more than 16 different entertainment options, including an aquarium, three hotels (NH, City Express Plus and City Express Suites) and an auditorium. In addition to fountains and a lake. More and more investors and developers are coming to develop in this destination, as it is a guarantee of added value and a good investment.

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