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Discover why Quintana Roo is the Winning Destination in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2023

Posted by AmorTulum on 6 de November de 2023

Discover why Quintana Roo is the Winning Destination in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2023

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Quintana Roo, the King of Tourism

The state of Quintana Roo in Mexico has been recognized as an exceptional tourism magnet in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2023, excelling in multiple categories, from its stunning islands to its magnificent resorts. This recognition not only indicates visible tourism success, but also an underlying prosperity and social well-being. The State Government, through SEDETUR, has worked hard to establish Quintana Roo as a source of success and prosperity. The New Agreement for the Wellbeing and Development of Quintana Roo reinforces this commitment, seeking to generate sustainable, inclusive and, above all, prosperous destinations. Thus, the success of tourism is directly reflected in the well-being of the inhabitants of this enchanting region.

Unquestionably, Quintana Roo reigns at the heart of the world’s tourism sector. Its high quality services, delicious gastronomy, spectacular natural beauty and impressive air connectivity place it firmly on the international scene.

2023 Readers' Choice Awards: all the winners | CN Traveller

Winning the Readers’ Choice Awards

Winning the Readers’ Choice Awards

In October 2023, Quintana Roo swept the Readers’ Choice Awards, garnering a total of 220 nominations covering categories as diverse as airports, cities, islands, hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars and beach clubs. The banyan tree mayakoba, the bardo hotel in Tulum, the grand residences in the Riviera Maya, the viceroy riviera maya, the atelier playa mujeres and the ethereal auberge resorts collection in the mainland of our country and, of course, the kempinski hotel Cancun on the banks of the impressive Nichupté bridge, are destinations that especially stood out. This recognition is a shining testimony to the value and commitment to excellence in the tourism industry that these institutions display.

Quintana Roo is more than a sun and beach destination. From the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea in Cancun to the lush tropical jungle in Chetumal, this region of the country delights visitors with its varied natural beauty. But these places not only hold beauty, some have also been witnesses of death and mystery as was the case of a missing girl in Cancun’s Nichupte. With protected natural parks and wildlife reserves, Quintana Roo offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique biodiversity of the region. Its white sand beaches stretching along the coast are a paradise, both for sun and sea lovers in areas such as Tulum, as well as for those who love the sun and the sea.The islands of Isla Holbox, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, as well as for nature enthusiasts, who find in the tropical jungle an unparalleled spectacle.

Dream Islands: The Fascinating World of Isla Holbox, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel:

Readers' Choice Awards 2023: Your Year in Travel Survey Results | Condé Nast Traveler

Quintana Roo’s islands, Isla Holbox, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, capture the essence of life in the Caribbean. From the rich culture and traditions of Isla Mujeres to the pristine, unspoiled beauty of Isla Holbox, these islands present a world apart for travelers. Cozumel, with its Mesoamerican coral reef and crystal-clear waters, is a paradise for divers and marine life lovers. Each island offers a unique experience, steeped in history, natural beauty and local hospitality.

Holbox Island: A Charming Paradise

Isla de Holbox, un lugar en el que se detiene el tiempo

Isla Holbox reaffirmed its charm and uniqueness by being recognized as the best island in North America. Its extensive idyllic beaches, bohemian charm and robust gastronomy have captured countless hearts, consolidating it as the small paradise in the Mexican Caribbean.

Holbox Bioluminiscente | Holbox Travel

Isla Mujeres: The Jewel in the Mexican Caribbean

Mia Reef Isla Mujeres Cancun All Inclusive Resort, Isla Mujeres – Precios actualizados 2023

Likewise, Isla Mujeres, the jewel in the Mexican Caribbean, was not far behind, taking third place in the same category. This small but impressive place offers a rich cultural experience, along with its beautiful beaches and turquoise waters that make it a must-see destination globally.

4 Datos Que Debes Conocer Antes De Visitar Isla Mujeres Garrafón Park | Blog

Cozumel: The Heart of the Great Mayan Reef

Visita Isla Cozumel | Arrecifes de coral, campos de golf, playas y buceo

Cozumel, the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean and the heart of the Great Mayan Reef, firmly established itself in fifth place. It stands out for its abundant natural wealth and marine biodiversity, its crystal-clear waters and its remarkable quality of hotels and tourist services.

5 cosas que hacer y ver en Cozumel | Dolphin Blog Dolphin Discovery | Blog

The Readers’ Choice Awards

Recognizing the Best of the Best

Visita Isla Cozumel | Arrecifes de coral, campos de golf, playas y buceo

The prestigious Readers’ Choice Awards, organized by luxury and lifestyle magazine Condé Nast Traveler, recognize the best of the best in the world of tourism. And these awards, coveted by all, benefit with a valuable seal of approval to all destinations and tourist services that show excellent results; indeed, the whole world of tourism benefits from good advice like this. Here, Quintana Roo is a perfect example of this scenario, illustrating its leadership by obtaining several awards that place Fairmont Mayakoba, Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, Kempinski Hotel Cancun, among the first places.

This achievement is undoubtedly the result of the New Agreement for Welfare and Development, a model that not only diversifies and strengthens the tourism activity as a whole, but also aims to distribute prosperity to all, achieving social justice that is reflected in the pockets and tables of all workers. By accepting everything, including cookies on our site, you accept this impressive achievement.

Quintana Roo Crowning with the best islands

Occidental Cozumel | Barcelo.com

Without a doubt, Quintana Roo became the center of attention at the Readers’ Choice Awards. With 220 nominations spanning diverse categories, this Mexican gem proved to be an epicenter of global tourism success, shining not only in reality but also on digital platforms such as Facebook. It captured the attention and praise of discerning travelers and critics, both in person and online. This award was profound and diversified, reflecting Quintana Roo’s commitment to generating sustainable and inclusive results. Quintana Roo’s presence and dominance at the awards, and its popularity on Facebook, reaffirmed its status in the global tourism landscape. Such tourism success is eager to be reflected also in the pockets and on the tables of workers, and is being proudly shared in its online communities. For more information about the categories and award details, please visit the website.

The Impact for Quintana Roo

Boosting State Tourism

Las playas más bellas que podrás encontrar en Cozumel: MAPA | PorEsto

These awards granted to Quintana Roo will further boost the state’s tourism development. One of the main drivers is the investment program, aimed at reactivating areas such as Cozumel, in order to strengthen its tourism business. Undoubtedly, they will awaken a growing interest in potential tourists from all over the world, attracted by the quality and diversity of its offerings. This stimulus conducive to prosperity will not only promote the vision of Quintana Roo in the world, but will also directly support the growth of its economy.

Turismo en Cozumel 2023 - Viajes a Cozumel, México - opiniones, consejos y comentarios - Tripadvisor

Putting Quintana Roo on the Global Map

Quintana Roo was already a giant in tourism. But with these awards, its charm has now been projected on the global portal of attractive places. Its brilliance has been solidified, highlighting its site as one of the most striking and exciting destinations available in the world. The visibility and prominence gained through these awards are proof of the extraordinary tourism exposure that comes with visiting Quintana Roo. In fact, for more information on these awards and categories you can visit their official website.

Lugares para Visitar en Quintana Roo, México | Destinos de vacaciones

Invitation to the World to Visit Quintana Roo

Finally, these awards are an invitation to the world to visit Quintana Roo. Affirming its commitment to shared prosperity and sustainable development, this New Deal for Well-Being and Development offers tourists the freedom to explore and enjoy all that Quintana Roo has to offer. If before they were on the list of places to discover, today they have to be the priority. There is nothing that compares to the experience of seeing its stunning blue skies, swimming in its warm turquoise waters and savoring the exquisite local cuisine. For more information about the awards and categories and how this is reflected in Quintana Roo’s tourism offerings, you can visit their website. The invitation is extended, come and discover why Quintana Roo is the tourism leader!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Readers’ Choice Awards?

The Readers’ Choice Awards are annual awards organized by Condé Nast Traveler, a luxury and lifestyle magazine. This event is not only a contest, but also a showcase of the best in the travel and tourism industry, where the magazine’s readers have the power to decide. This competition rewards excellence in different areas of tourism, highlighting paradisiacal destinations such as Holbox or Cape Breton in Canada. A wide variety of categories are recognized, including hotels, resorts, cities, islands – with mentions of other Canadian wonders such as Vancouver – airlines, airports and cruises. Not surprisingly, the results of these prestigious awards are eagerly awaited by the travel and tourism public, as they recognize the best of the best, and the decisions are made by the magazine’s discerning readers.

How is the Winner Decided?

Winners are determined through an open vote in which thousands of Condé Nast Traveler magazine readers from around the world participate. These readers, avid consumers and passionate travelers, are like a travel industry police, rigorously rating and evaluating their experiences in various categories. Based on the results of the contest, the nominations that receive the most votes are the winners, a sort of annual tourism democracy. For more information on this rigorous process, visit the magazine’s website. The news of the winners is an eagerly awaited event, similar to the excitement of the results of a police investigation, and is always eagerly awaited by the travel and tourism community.

What is the Future for Tourism in Quintana Roo?

The future of tourism in Quintana Roo looks very promising. Thanks to the consolidation of places like the Beach House in the Riviera Maya, representing the solid investment plans that are underway and the constant search for advancement and prosperity, this renowned region of Mexico, famous for its luxury beach houses, is moving steadily forward to maintain and enhance its title as a premier tourist destination. It also hopes to foster the well-being of local communities by sharing its tourism success, as reflected in the New Agreement for the Well-being and Development of Quintana Roo.

Awash in natural beauty, unparalleled hospitality and rich cultural heritage, Quintana Roo has impressed the travel community from around the world. Mexico’s top 10 hotels, represented by Hotel Bardo in Tulum and Casa de la Playa in Riviera Maya, reinforce its reputation, and with the recent accolade of the Readers’ Choice Awards 2023, it has reaffirmed its position as a premier travel destination. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic and charm of a true beach house that this unparalleled destination has to offer and discover for yourself why Quintana Roo is a prized treasure in the heart of Mexico.

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