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Discover the Magic of TASTE OF TULUM A Culinary Festival to Delight Your Senses

Posted by AmorTulum on 18 de October de 2023


In the captivating environment of Tulum, a revolution is brewing in the world of entertainment and wellness. AMI Global Consulting, a leader in the hospitality and tourism industries in Latin America, is ready to share its expertise and services with the world. Mark your calendar for October 19, when we will celebrate the grand launch of COSMOPOLITAN JUNGLE, a beacon of change in the region. Tulum, with its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, serves as the perfect backdrop for this momentous event.

The Tulum City Council led by Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo made a historic decision during the Fiftieth Ordinary Session, where by majority vote it approved the exemption of property tax and fines for the Technological University of the Riviera Maya. In addition, the council validated the declaration of the dish “Langosta al Coco” as the typical dish of Punta Allen, the winner of the 2023 Lobster Festival.

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AMI Global Consulting: Forging a Universal Vision in Tulum

Tulum is in the midst of a metamorphosis, transforming itself into one of the most sought after destinations worldwide for travelers and tourism connoisseurs. In this context, AMI Global Consulting assumes the responsibility of closing existing gaps, creating new market opportunities through ethical business practices that promote sustainable growth and protect the natural environment. With a focus on cultural preservation and the promotion of economic development, AMI Global Consulting seeks to set a high standard in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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Services Offered by AMI Global Consulting

Tulum Mayor Diego Castañón proposed the official recognition of the dish “Langosta al Coco” as the typical cuisine of Punta Allen, which won the council’s approval. This decision celebrates the culinary talent of Roció Alely May Tuz, the winner of the gastronomic contest held during the 2023 Lobster Festival on August 5 and 6.

“The municipality of Tulum considers it of utmost importance that communities cultivate leadership skills, organizational skills and teamwork, fostering community development while preserving and respecting traditions and customs. Therefore, we promote actions and events that foster these aspects,” reads the agreements approved during the session, which aim to celebrate and recognize the ninth municipality for its impressive gastronomy.

This significant decision not only supports education, but also recognizes and promotes the rich culinary heritage of Punta Allen, a region known for its delicious seafood dishes, especially the “Langosta al Coco” (Coconut Lobster).

In addition, the exemption of taxes and fines for the Technological University of the Riviera Maya demonstrates a commitment of the Tulum Municipality to education and regional development. By supporting the university in this regard, educational and employment opportunities in the area can be enhanced, which ultimately benefits the community as a whole.

It is important to note that these decisions made by the Tulum City Council may have an impact on those interested in purchasing property in the Riviera Maya. The promotion of community development and education can attract a public interested in settling in a region that values these aspects.

EL GOURMET, Tulum - Menú, Precios y Restaurante Opiniones - Tripadvisor

The Anticipated “TASTE OF TULUM” Event and Exceptional Culinary Experience

The “TASTE OF TULUM” event is shaping up to be the most anticipated culinary event of the year in the region. Scheduled for its grand debut in November 2023, this event promises to offer diners an unparalleled gastronomic experience, replete with bold and authentic flavors that capture the very essence of Tulum. Featuring the area’s most talented and creative chefs, this event will be a celebration of the region’s culinary diversity and cultural richness.

Los mejores restaurantes de mariscos en Tulum | Top Adventure

“Coconut Lobster”, Tulum’s Emblematic Delight

At the heart of Tulum’s gastronomy lies an emblematic dish that embodies the essence of the region: “Langosta al Coco” (Coconut Lobster). During the 2023 Lobster Festival, this exquisite delicacy emerged as the undisputed winner, receiving recognition from the Tulum City Council as a unique culinary delight that symbolizes the region’s rich marine and culinary heritage. With its combination of delicate flavors and exquisite textures, “Langosta al Coco” epitomizes culinary excellence and passion for fresh local ingredients.


Tulum’s Exquisite Gastronomy: A Fusion of Flavors and Traditions

Tulum’s cuisine is a celebration of diversity and history, a living testament to the rich cultural and culinary heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation. From the fresh aromas of locally caught seafood to the complexity of flavors in traditional Mayan dishes, Tulum’s gastronomy is a fusion of authentic flavors and innovative culinary techniques. Local restaurants take pride in presenting a diverse selection of dishes that reflect the richness of the region and the chefs’ passion for creating memorable and satisfying culinary experiences.

Preparan iniciativa para declarar a la langosta al coco 'platillo endémico' de Punta Allen - Quinta Fuerza

Sustainable Cuisine and Local Products in Tulum

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar of Tulum’s gastronomy. Chefs and restaurant owners are committed to using local ingredients and sustainable cooking techniques to ensure that each dish reflects the spirit of the region and promotes responsible practices. By prioritizing the use of fresh, locally sourced products, Tulum not only promotes the preservation of the environment, but also supports local communities, fostering a thriving and sustainable economic cycle.

Bak' Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar, lleva los mejores cortes de carne a Tulum

Celebrating Identity and Innovation in Tulum

In every dish served and every culinary experience enjoyed in Tulum, there is a story of passion, tradition and creativity. Tulum’s gastronomy is not only a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage, but also a reflection of the innovation and culinary excellence that defines this vibrant community. Through events such as “TASTE OF TULUM” and the exaltation of “Coconut Lobster,” Tulum is positioning itself as a world-renowned culinary destination, where authentic flavors and cutting-edge culinary techniques come together to create a truly unforgettable dining experience. With AMI Global Consulting as their guide, food lovers can explore a world of exciting flavors and discover the very essence of gourmet cuisine in Tulum.

The exemption of taxes and fines for the university and the declaration of “Langosta al Coco” as a distinctive food are important decisions that recognize the work and talent of the people of Punta Allen and their contributions to the region’s gastronomy. In addition, the municipal council’s decision demonstrates a commitment to the growth and development of the city of Tulum, which in turn benefits the local economy and quality tourism. The Riviera Maya continues to shine as a tourist destination of excellence and these decisions only strengthen its appeal.

Langosta con salsa de coco, patacones y ensalada. Recomendado este plato, es delicioso - Picture of Restaurante Angermeyer Point, Santa Cruz - Tripadvisor


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