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Community of neighbors in Aldea Zamá

Posted by AmorTulum on 22 de November de 2022

Those of us lucky enough to live here look forward to November and the cooler weather. The humidity level drops to 70%, with evening temperatures hovering around 80 degrees and nighttime temperatures hovering around 60 degrees, and we can enjoy this fabulous winter weather until May. Before I head out the door this afternoon, I will grab a light scarf or coat, as that is the only thing I need to add to my winter closet.

It was about 7 years ago when I came to Tulum looking for a good investment and a place I could call home. Tulum was still very green at the time, and there weren’t many options, but after doing my homework I decided on an area of Tulum called Aldea Zama.

I moved here about 5 years ago after purchasing a pre-sale condo and couldn’t be happier. Tulum has been a dream come true. It opened its heart and doors to me beyond my wildest dreams and I am so grateful.

Aldea Zama is in the perfect location centered between town and the beach and is convenient to everything. It is a planned development with subway utilities, paved roads and defined areas for residential, multi-family and commercial. When I moved in a year and a half ago there were few people living in the area, but as Tulum started to get going and word of mouth traveled, people started to show up.

Aldea Zama is an area where most people feel comfortable right away, there is a very welcoming sense of community that is developing very well. In this planned community you will find most of the nicest developments with all the desired amenities. this plus private security. It is in Aldea Zama where I found a lovely community with a mix of people of all ages and nationalities, just what I had been looking for. A place where no matter what age you are or where you come from you can easily connect with those around you and the beautiful surroundings.

When I have clients coming to investigate or who are ready to invest, I tour them all over the area so they can get to know all the areas of Tulum and all it has to offer. Aldea Zama may not be for everyone, but I find that it is where most people settle in as it offers the best of both worlds, the charm and the added layers of private security.

If you have a call or are considering Tulum, I invite you to come and get to know this truly magical town and its beautiful beaches and surroundings. There are so many enchanting things about this place that you will surely fall deeply and madly in love with it. Tulum will enchant you without a doubt.

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