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Posted by AmorTulum on 22 de November de 2022

One of the reasons to invest in real estate is to rent the property or wait for its value to increase and then sell the property itself. One of the additional benefits is that the Riviera Maya is dollarized, that is to say, it is bought, rented and sold in dollars, and given that generally the changes in parity are increasing by more pesos per dollar, then without doing anything the exchange rate gain also becomes an additional factor of great interest.

The following are additional reasons why investing in real estate is extremely interesting:

1. Improve retirement. In Mexico, unfortunately, we do not have a good retirement support system, and as such, the passive income generated by renting real estate becomes an important way to obtain income.

2. Low interest granted by the bank for having your money deposited in it. The amount received from renting a property will always be greater than the amount received from bank interest.

3. It is well known that in times of crisis the national currency becomes fragile, but by valuing the property in dollars this protects us from this negative effect.

4. Real estate is one of the least risky investment instruments, that is to say, it is more stable than investing in shares in the stock market, buying/selling metals (gold, silver, etc.). Unlike these, the value of real estate does not change drastically, but increases over time.

5. You can take advantage of pre-sale prices. Investing in the pre-sale phase of a real estate development allows you to acquire a property between 20 and up to 50% lower than the value that the property will have when it is finished. Here it is important to acquire such property through a trusted real estate broker that will guide you to those developments that you can trust and that allow a greater appreciation between pre-sale and finished product.

6. You do not need to be a real estate expert, but you do need to get advice from one that does not charge for their services, as these are implicit in the sale price of the unit in question. This advice is important to avoid legal or notary problems at the time of closing.

In order to make a solid financial strategy when acquiring a real estate property, it is advisable to be advised by an accredited real estate agent to make a safe and profitable choice and minimize risk. According to FORBES magazine “If the right investment choice is made, the advantage is to obtain profits of up to 30% in an average period of 3 years”.


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